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Barered71's Steckbrief und Gratis Webcam

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March 1, 1971
Interesse an:
Männer, Frauen, Paaren
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19 hours, 3 Minuten
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Über mich:

Welcome to my Range!


Hi Ya'll, I am Red. I am the "lead doe" of my range. I WILL NOT tolerate poachers! All are welcome but do not cause a ruckus within my herd or you will be kicked out! You don't like what you see or here.....LEAVE!

About ME

  • County Girl (Tomboy) / "Jane of all Trades". I don't mind getting dirty;),

  • Married for 22 yrs. and he is my only "Ghost Buck" and yes he does know I am on CB. No secrets on this range.

  • Natural Redhead with a few gray strands...LOL!

  • Freckled and Blue Eyed....wear glasses usually

  • Alter: 46

  • Height: 5'9"

  • Weight: 240 lbs. Yes I am a big woman!

  • Tits: 44D....real! Don't usually wear bras.

  • Panties: 9 but usually commando

  • Pussy: Trimmed and can Squirt! But you are gonna have to get me really worked up to squirt.

  • Shoes: 10 or 11

I hunt (bow, muzzle-loader, riffle, shotgun, and usually packing a Bretta 40sw), fish, love the outdoors, turn wrenches, and yes I can cook/clean or can do anything I put my mind too! Except peeing while standing.....I will leave that to my bucks! You will find me in the garage at times, in my hunting camper most often, hanging outside on occasion, and a few have even seen me in my bedroom/bathroom.

I have a Fan Club:) Red's Herd! This gives all access to my pictures, videos, snap/kik, phone in private shows, and special password shows. My top tippers are referred to as "Big Bucks/Does". I do privates.

Red's Herd

  1. jp16665

  2. midnit3

Big Bucks/Does

  1. Kissandlicks

  2. jp16665

  3. cow1961

Red's Range Rules

  • Be respectful! You don't like what you see or here...LEAVE. You think I am fat, old, and ugly.....LEAVE, I am okay with who I am, what I look like, and what I am doing. My husband and MANY others feel the same!

  • ABSOLUTELY NO!: family related play, bodily fluids play (Exception.....CUM, it is a must), bestiality, or under 18 play. No skyp! No meeting offline.

  • I DO NOT DO ANYTHING I say NO TOO! Yes, I am a bitch, to damn old to change my ways, and honestly......don't care if you like it or not!

Tip Männeru (has to be tipped at one time!)

  1. Please put what you would like in the tips note, if what you want is my goal do not ask for it before I make goal because it won't happen! Exception to this rule: Privates

  2. Ask with tips...otherwise don't ask. Demands will be ignored, kept it up and your OUT!

  3. Please PM before going private, I do not want to waste your time, my time or your tokens

  4. If you don't see something on here, just ask in PM!
  5. PM me for special requests: photo's, shows, etc.

  • PM---11 Tokens

  • Watch your Cam---33 Tokens for 5min

  • Show Me (Flashes)----15 Tokens

  • Kik---100 Tokens/month

  • Snap Chat--- 75 Tokens/month

  • Kik & Snap--- 125 Tokens/month

  • Control my LUSH---101 Tokens for 2min

  • Anal in private only with SMALL toys

  • I will view your cam in pvt shows

  • Phone (US only!)-100 Tokens/10 Minuten


Red's Wish List